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Capitol Computer group photo October 2019

Ready For Anything

Our team of experts have over 100 years of combined experience in the IT field. We will tackle any job, big or small, simple or complex, and will wield the full complement of our expertise to ensure the best results for your project.

Custom Solutions For Any Project!

We know there is no “one size fits all” or cookie-cutter approach to meeting your needs so we live and work by the following credo: Provide the right service and best results to each client.

We are your Team of Experts and your Neighbors

Our Story

Located in the heart of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Capitol Computer & Network Solutions was founded by Santa Fe native Eric Montgomery, as 180 Networks LLC in 2004. Eric initially worked out of his home and visited local residents and businesses to help them with their computer and networking needs. 180 Networks grew steadily over the years and eventually Eric saw the need for a bricks-and-mortar shop where people could bring their computers for repair. Thus was born Capitol Computer of Santa Fe in 2012. Both 180 Networks and Capitol Computer of Santa Fe continued to grow based on personal and customized service delivered by highly trained technicians. In 2014, Stephen Resnick purchased both businesses and combined them into Capitol Computer & Network Solutions (CC&NS).

World Class Experience

With many years of collective business and Information Technology (IT) experience at our fingertips, we strive to maintain a boutique and personal feel while expanding our range of services to both business and residential customers. We are not just a bunch of computer techies who crawl out from under a rock, speak in a language you can’t understand, fix your computer, and then disappear into the shadows, but rather we are really great people who enjoy getting to know you, your wants and your needs, and then finding the right approach to dealing with your technology issues. We can fix any computer and we can help you with any aspect of your wired or wireless network. Our customer service is unparalleled and we will work tirelessly and creatively to ensure that all your technology needs are met.

Your Security And Privacy Are Paramount To Us

At CC&NS we want you to feel comfortable walking into the shop anytime to ask questions, browse our equipment, check out our shop, or just hang out with us. Also, you should know that when you leave your computers, laptops, or tablets with us for repair, your personal and private information is kept safe, secure, and confidential. We service both PC and Macs and carry only the best quality equipment and accessories.

Our Team

Stephen Resnick

Owner and General Manager

Steve brings over 25 years of global pharmaceutical and biotech finance, strategy, R&D, and marketing experience to the company. He served as Chief Financial Officer of several global R&D organizations. He brings his vast knowledge to ensure the best solutions for the needs of our residential customers and business clients. Steve builds his own high-performance computers and servers and designed and deployed his first network in 2001. When not “relaxing” with technology, Steve is an avid furniture-maker, hiker, and mountain biker. Steve earned a B.S. from Cornell University and an MBA from Carnegie-Mellon University.
Amy Weigold

Director, Operations

Bio Coming Soon
Brian Piotrowski

Manager, Shop Technical Services

As Capitol Computer’s resident Console Cowboy, Brian brings not only over 25 years’ professional technical expertise, but also the ideals of ethics and fair play epitomized by the American cowboy. And the fashion sense, too, of course. On his days off, he often exchanges his cowboy boots for hiking boots, kayaking boots, or winter mountaineering boots. Once upon a time, he dreamt of wearing astronaut boots. On his days on, his breadth of experience means he’ll ride night herd if he doesn’t fix your computer in Eight out of the gate.
Angela Halford

Manager, Enterprise Technology & Organizational Development

Angela retired from the State of New Mexico, Department of Finance and Administrstion as Chief Informaton Officer. She brings over 25 years of technical expertise in customer service, desktop support, server support, networking and application support. She enjoys bowling, traveling, NFL football games and spending time with family/friends.
Matt Williams

Senior Field Technician

Frank Romero

Senior Shop Technician

Frank was raised in Santa Fe, graduated from Santa Fe High School, and received an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science in 2008. He spent nine years providing technical support at a local corporate business. Frank loves movies and video games.
Tony Pirozzoli

Field Technician

Tony is a transplant to Santa Fe, originally from Colorado. He has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics with a focus in physics, and after building custom computers and providing volunteer desktop support for nonprofit organizations for several years has begun a formal career in technical support with Capitol. Along with technology and science, Tony enjoys gardening, cooking, camping, and sci-fi/fantasy novels
Trevor Riley

Assistant Shop Technician

This Could be You

Field Technician

Kate Rollins

Web Design & Online Marketing

Kate has been building professional websites in Santa Fe since 2000. With a BA in Journalism & Mass Communication and an MA in Liberal Arts/Western Classics, she stands out with her ability to effectively communicate ideas and design concepts to clients, to quickly grasp their needs, and provide expert guidance. Her designs are creative, elegant, and well functional. Her Social Media Marketing skills involve intuitive creativity, careful research, proper wit, and steadfast timeliness.