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Proudly Helping Santa Fe Businesses Stay Up And Running

Capitol Computer & Network Solutions is committed to focusing on the needs of businesses in the Santa Fe, NM and surrounding areas. Owner Steve Resnick, comes from the world of global corporate finance and strategy and has a deep appreciation of the role Information Technology (IT) plays in a business… your computers, networks, and data are the backbone and lifeblood of your business. You need a team like ours looking after your equipment and systems to prevent downtime. When something goes wrong, you need it fixed – fixed fast and fixed properly by people who care about your success.

Preferred Partner Program

As a client of our Preferred Partner Program (P3 client), your business receives the following benefits:

  1. A team of dedicated IT professionals, living and working in Santa Fe, NM to partner with you and your business.
  2. 24/7 monitoring and reporting of your computer for health and performance status.
  3. Daily monitoring and reporting of safety and vulnerability status.
  4. Automated and managed updates to your system software and other key programs necessary for your computer to operate effectively.
  5. The latest anti-virus protection provided and updated regularly to ensure your business has the best protection available.
  6. All risks, issues, and vulnerabilities are displayed on our monitoring dashboard and emailed to all us in real-time so we can assess and correct as required.
  7. Priority support from Capitol Computer & Network Solutions as your business partner.
  8. Our team has the ability to remotely connect into your computer (with your approval) so we can help you at anytime from anywhere; this means faster and less expense for ad-hoc work if something does need repair.
  9. Discounted on-site service if you need our support in-person.
  10. Saturday support when required for business continuity.

Additional options include:

  • Anti-virus protection – with this option you are not considered a P3 client but you do get all the benefits of managed & monitored anti-virus.
  • Cloud backup – either stand-alone, or in combination with P3 or  Anti virus -alone, we will manage and monitor daily cloud backups of your business data.  Of interest to our medical clients, this data backup is HIPAA-compliant.
  • Disaster Recovery.
  • Network and Data Security.
  • Cable Telephone set-up and maintenance.
  • Video Camera Surveillance System set-up and maintenance.

Give us a call or stop by to see how we can partner with you.

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